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To acquire knowledge and skills, to work hard, to give back to benefit others – this way of living is central to Islam and, in turn, to becoming an inspiration to others. Muslims rejoice in doing so many of these things every single day across a variety of sectors, more than ever before in Britain. We are creating art, we are helping those less fortunate than ourselves, we are serving others, we are educating, we are building communities and legacies for generations who will come after us. In honour of all the good we do, UK’s longest established Muslim Professionals Social Network, Emerald Network, has decided that now is the time to celebrate our unsung heroes. We would like to shine a light on their achievements, their ambitions, their successes and their noble intentions.

As part of our 15th Anniversary celebrations, we asked members to nominate an ‘inspirational Muslim’, that list together with a curated list of members who have interacted with Emerald in various capacities since its inception was reviewed and shortlisted to present a sample selection of one hundred individuals. Inevitably many well known personalities may appear to be omitted, however our intention is to showcase merely a sample who have engaged with Emerald online or in-person over the years who were nominated (via online form submission).

As Muslims, our goal should always be to uplift, to elevate and to honour one another and we hope that this celebration of all the goodness and positivity within our communities will help us to move forward towards that shared ambition. The ‘Emerald 100’ truly is a showcase of a variety of people from diverse backgrounds, heritage and professions, whom their stories we feel are an inspiration, put simply, they in themselves are inspiring Muslims, who in turn are inspiring Muslims and wider communities alike not just in the present, but insh’Allah will do so for future generations, individuals and communities alike.

We believe this limited edition exclusive publication will be a resource for all, a compelling read and a snapshot of today which can be used to develop others tomorrow, ‘future history’ when we look back to the list of individuals – some well known, others may not be ‘household names’, that is, until now. Finally, a note to readers, we present them alphabetically, deliberately with no regard to rank, their heritage, wealth, status, how many followers they have on social media – we believe that such factors often are used to measure or compare, however in an era of love for data and numbers, let’s simply love words and imagery, one hundred portraits of Muslims. Click here for the list